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Welcome to the Digital Liturgies newsletter.

About Me

I currently serve as an editor for a Christian book publisher. As for writing, I’ve been honored to publish in such places as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Time, First Things, The Gospel Coalition, and more. I’m a Bluegrass native and currently live in Louisville, Kentucky with my wife Emily and children.

About “Digital Liturgies”

Digital Liturgies is an attempt to express the intersection of a robustly evangelical, Reformed Christianity with life in a modern, technological society. Most of my writing is an attempt to apply theological wisdom to the way I think, the way I communicate, and the way I live. Ours is a fractured, algorithmic, reactive age. Christian wisdom calls us to reflection, truth-telling, and humility. Those things are intrinsically more difficult in a world increasingly mediated by screens. This newsletter is an experiment in striving toward the values of Christian wisdom against the headwinds of technological formation, i.e., the “digital liturgies.”

Where to Start?

Thank you for checking out the newsletter. If you’re interested in seeing some representative examples of what I do here, check out these pieces:

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Thinking and writing in Louisville, Kentucky.